You know how after someone dies, there's always a couple people close by saying "well...this is how he would've wanted it"?  I hope nobody ever says THIS about me:

Larry Clinton, of Bessemer City, N.C. grew up eating the spread and loved it so much, the 67-year-old told his wife one day at a funeral service that he wanted his cremated remains to be buried in an empty jar, his daughter Teresa Clinton-Edge said.

What began as a joke turned into a family’s quest over 20 years to find suitable Duke’s jar for their dad.

“My father eats Duke’s Mayonnaise on everything: peaches, pears, baloney sandwiches, banana sandwiches,” Clinton-Edge told ABC News. “He says he cannot remember a time that Duke’s wasn’t a part of his family and the food. I’m 43 and that’s the only mayo we’ve ever eaten.”

ABC News

Duke's Mayonnaise made a custom jar label with Clinton's name on it:

(C.F. Sauer / Duke’s Mayonnaise)