I'm still close with the friends I've had since grade school (a few since preschool).  I'm very lucky that way.  My heart was breaking when my friend, Steve's, little girl was going through some tough times.  He and his wife, Jessica, saw their 3 year old, Isabella, inexplicably loosing her skin.  They had to treat her like a burn victim until they figured out what was actually going on.

From their Facebook page:

"Isabella Barkley, a vibrant cheerful 3 year old was somehow infected with a tough strain of staph infection. This beautiful little girl has lost over 50% of her outer layer of skin leaving her body exposed to further infection. For that reason she is isolated on the pediatric wing of OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, IL.

She has been receiving intravenous antibiotics to fight off the infection and morphine to control the unbearable pain. It was compared to having a sun burn over your entire body. Mom , Jessica Garcia Barkley and Dad, Steve Barkley have been by her side through the entire ordeal and will continue to be there to comfort her through the entire healing process.

Any help to offset the cost of missing work and the inevitable bills that will follow would be greatly appreciated. An account has been set up for Isabella Barkley at Cornerstone Credit Union 615 W 3rd St. Sterling, IL 61081. Thank you and GOD bless your family."

Turns out it was a staph infection that released a toxin and caused her skin to peel...

"We had our team of doctors come in this morning we finally have the strain of staph causing staph scalded skin syndrome. we can treat her with the correct antibiotics"

The thought of your child being in such pain, but not being able to hug & comfort them is terrifying to me.  I'm so glad they got the diagnosis figured out, so the healing process can begin.  We're praying for you guys.  I hope to see this smile in person soon.

How damn sweet is this picture???