Most of us hate apologizing, even when we're wrong. Not on this show though, mainly because we're never wrong.


For the rest of you who actually make mistakes, researchers at Ohio State University are here to hook you up. They studied how 750 people reacted to different types of apologies, and found the six steps you need to follow for the perfect apology:

  1. Genuinely say you're sorry.
  2. Explain and acknowledge what went wrong.
  3. Admit it was your fault.
  4. Repent for what you did.
  5. Offer up a way to fix the problem you caused.
  6. Ask for forgiveness.

If you don't have time for all six, you can try using just two: Step three, where you admit it was your fault, and step five, where you offer up a fix. No matter how you apologize, make sure to do it in person. That makes the chances of the person accepting your apology go way up.