I'd guess the average person spends their 40th birthday at home with their family, or perhaps at a nice, quiet dinner with their significant other and some close friends.

Not this lady. If she's leaving her 30s, she's going kicking, screaming, and with her lady parts out and proud.

Jacqueline Rodriguez from Boca Raton, Florida turned 40 last week. So she got hammered, and then went to a Publix grocery store to buy more wine to keep the party going.

She was so drunk that the manager called the cops. She wound up fighting with them, they arrested her and then took her to a hospital to get medical clearance. Jacqueline asked to use the bathroom first, and when she was done, she ran out bottomless and started kicking a cop.

Eventually the hospital did clear her, and she was taken to jail and charged with resisting arrest and assault and battery on a law enforcement officer. Now that's how you turn 40.

Boca Raton Police Department

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