An Ocala, Florida woman is behind bars after she escalated an argument by threatening a 94-year-old woman with an ax.

The elderly woman says that she and 63-year-old Susan Mary Chenaille had a disagreement because the latter was taking money from a joint bank account. She was upset because Chenaille had not discussed the money with her.

While the older woman was sitting in a chair, the younger woman approached her with her hands out. The victim told police she looked like she was going to strangle her. The 94-year-old told Chenaille that she would go to jail for life.

That's when Chenaille went to the garage and came back with an ax. She stood in front of the older woman with the ax and said, "this will end it." Chenaille denies that happened and said she used the ax to close a heating vent in her room.

She was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Marion County Jail
Marion County Jail

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