You can blame your dog for your own bad gas, and people might believe it. This would be a slightly harder sell.


25-year-old Brian Murphy in Jacksonville, Florida got woken up by his dog in the middle of the night on Tuesday, and let it outside to pee. Then after it came in, he went back to his bedroom, where his girlfriend was still sleeping.

Her name is Summer Miracle. Which is ridiculous, because it's kind of a miracle she survived what happened next.

Right before Brian got back in bed, he saw a flash and heard a loud bang. Then Summer woke up with a throbbing pain in her right leg and it turned out the dog shot her.

Brian's gun was sitting on his bedside table. It was dark, so he couldn't see much. But he says the dog must have jumped up on the table and hit it, which caused it to go off.

Apparently the cops think that's what happened too. It doesn't sound like they're investigating him, and he hasn't been charged with anything. Brian wrapped Summer's leg in a towel and called 911. Doctors removed the bullet, and she should be okay.

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