The owner of The Sunshine Grill in Key West, Florida has hung a sign saying no garden hoes allowed after a homeless man tried to rob the diner with one.

62-year-old Robert Paul Pryor entered the building with a garden hoe and a pink sweatshirt tied around his face. He demanded cash from the register, which he tried to pry open with the tool. When it wouldn't open, Pryor “ripped the register off the counter, smashing the computer,” and then ran out.

The owner chased him down on his moped and wiped out when he attempted to sideswipe Pryor, who kicked him. A diner employee then hit Pryor with a chair while he passed by her on a bicycle.

Police caught him in a nearby parking lot, trying to rip open the register. He was arrested on suspicion of robbery with a weapon, battery and possession of marijuana, the synthetic drug Spice and a pipe with crack cocaine residue.

Stock Island Jail
Stock Island Jail

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