70-year-old John Ryasko has been in jail in Vero Beach, Florida since October when he got arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct. It sounds like he's trying to make friends in jail, but it's not going great.

Last week he allegedly offered to perform a sex act on 23-year-old inmate Javerious Yearby, who responded by throwing a cup of urine in his face. Javerious wouldn't admit to doing it, he just said he rejected John's offer and kicked him out of his cell.

Indian River County Jail

A prison guard asked John how he knew it was urine and not water. Here's the best part. John says he knows for a fact that urine stings your eyes, because he's had a "Golden Shower" before.

Unfortunately it didn't do him any good. The guard did find a mysterious liquid on the bars in Javerious's cell, but couldn't determine what it was. So he's not facing charges.

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