Five-year-old Maddex, who was diagnosed with leukemia, got to make his own Godzilla movie last weekend.

Apparently this was inspired by the whole "Batkid" thing in San Francisco, but it might even be cooler than that.

A five-year-old in Chicago named Maddex was diagnosed with leukemia last year, and has about 18 months of chemo left. So he asked the Make-a-Wish Foundation if he could make his own Godzilla movie, and they went all out to make it happen.

First, volunteers built an elaborate model of Chicago, just like the makers of the original Godzilla movie did with Tokyo. Then they put Maddex in a Godzilla costume, and filmed him destroying it.

They also had a whole street shut down, got Mike Ditka to play the mayor of Chicago, had the real mayor, Rahm Emanuel, play a taxi driver, and filmed a bunch of extras screaming and running away while Maddex directed them.

According to his dad, Maddex was happier on the first day of filming than he's ever been in his life!

The movie is called "Madzilla", and the producers say it would have cost around a million dollars to make without people volunteering their time. The finished version should be online next month.

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