"You're Saying It Wrong" is a newly released book that takes a look at the 150 words we mispronounce the most.

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Here are the top five foods you might be pronouncing wrong:

  1. Quinoa - Pronounced KEEN-wah. A lot of people say "KIN-wah" or "kin-OH-uh."
  2. Gnocchi - Pronounced NYAW-kee or NYO-key. That's the pasta made from potatoes that's a cross between pasta and little dumplings. It starts with a 'g-n.' In Italian, that makes a "nyuh" sound. So it's "NYAW-kee" or "NYO-kee," just never say "GUH-no-key."
  3. Pho - Pronounced Fuh. It's a Vietnamese noodle, spelled p-h-o. Most people say it like the word "foe," but it's "fuh".
  4. The French champagne, Moët - Pronounced Mwett. A lot of people say "Mo-AY", like the "t" is silent. But you're actually supposed to pronounce it.
  5. The Greek pita sandwich, Gyro - Pronounced YEE-ro. Most Americans either say "JY-ro" or "hero", like it starts with an "H". It's supposed to sound like it starts with a "y."

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