I've become addicted to Netflix's streaming service. NOT because I can see Beverly Hills Cop 3 anytime I want to watch it, but because of the access I get to documentaries that I'd never heard of.


1. "Stop At Nothing"

It's the Lance Armstrong story. This movie is SO good that it'll make you feel absolutely foolish if you ever--even for a moment-- believed a single word that came out of Lance Armstrong's mouth. He's a pathetic human being.

2. "Winnebago Man"

This movie tracks down Jack Rebney--the guy made famous for his swearing rants in a legendary youtube video (embedded below) and how the video cost him his livelihood and turned him into a recluse. It get's a little long, but stay with it until the end. It's fascinating.

NSFW Language

3. "An Honest Liar"

It's a documentary about The Amazing Randi--a magician who has become known for exposing psychics as scammers and liars. It turns out that Randi is living a lie himself AND is unknowingly being lied to.

4. "Fantastic Lies"

This is one of those ESPN 30 for 30 movies. It tells the truth about the Duke LaCrosse rape case--a rape that never happened. If you're looking for the next "Making a Murderer" legal corruption story...this is it. The media, the cops, and the DA all pursed a bunch of innocent college athletes (rich, pampered, white college athletes).

5. "Slingshot"

Dean Kamen is a guy most people have never heard of, but he's probably our generation's Thomas Eddison or Ben Franklin. He's the inventor of the Segway and those really cool Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. He's also come up with an invention (the Slingshot) that purifies water and in turn, could wipe most of the world's diseases.