From Minnesota hey, this Blonde Ale has all the makings of its relatives in good ol' Ireland.

Just the facts:

Bottle temp at opening: 39 degrees.

Drinking temp: 41 degrees

Nose: A blast of heavy floral--like a field in springtime.

Taste:  Hop on the hoppy train, to hoppy town.

Rating: 5 bottles out of 6

As I brought beer number one of 50 to my mouth, I thought, "This project is the best idea I ever had," and inhaled deeply.  What at first seemed like a too-sweet aroma mellowed into a touch of wildflower that, upon tasting opened up to reveal endless hop and barley.  Not a toasted flavor, but hearty, and the sweetness faded from the palette as I swallowed. The real test of a good beer is to answer the question, "Would you like another," with a resounding, "Yes!"  Barkeep, set 'em up!

A big start from these brewers with a big heart, who return their profits to charity from the sale of this beer, and the others in the family.