Bob Brooks' Vietnam war record has been questioned for years and now the Davenport man is being charged by federal officials.

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The long time member of the Vietnam Veterans Quad-Cities Chapter 299, Brooks was asked to resign from the group's Honor Guard and to step down from his role last year. Chapter President Bill Albracht wrote in a letter, "This all came about after the conclusion of an ongoing investigation in reference to Brooks claiming numerous valor awards and military decorations that he never earned nor received. Although he did serve with distinction in Vietnam, he was never awarded the claimed 3 Silver Stars, 5 Purple Hearts."

Though Brooks is not being charged with altering records, he has admitted to it in the past. The misdemeanor that the 70-year-old is being charged with accuses him of buying or attempting to buy congressional military decorations and medals without the proper authorization. Specifically named are the Purple Heart, Silver Star and Combat Infantryman Badge.

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