Bilal Abdul Mani of Westlake, Ohio had a friend go to his house last Thursday, to see if his two sons listened when he said they shouldn't open the door for anyone they didn't know.

His friend got a little too into it, threatened to kill them, and the 16-year-old called 911. As Bilal says, "It was a lesson that I was trying to teach, that went bad."

Here's a piece of the 911 call:

CALLER: "He started screaming, saying that 'you need to contact your father...he owes me 1500 dollars…he's like if I start chopping up bodies in here, then I'm gonna be the bad guy, I just got outta jail two weeks ago."

DISPATCHER: "Is he still there?”

CALLER: “I have no idea, me and my brother went upstairs and we jumped out. I ripped the screen open that was in the spare bedroom and me and my brother jumped onto the roof and ran 'cause this guy was crazy, this guy wanted to kill us."

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