Allan Gieger Jr. of Jacksonville, Florida posted an ad on Craigslist last week to sell a 1998 Ford Explorer. It was his 18-year-old son's car, and Allan sold it to punish him.


Originally, the Explorer was a 16th birthday present, so his son could drive to school and get a job. Apparently he's mostly been driving around with his friends and smoking weed in it. And he never got a job either.

Here's the best part. Allan offered to take $250 off the price if someone who lived close by bought it, just so his son could see them driving his old car around, and remember how good he used to have it.

It's not clear if he ended up selling it to someone nearby or not, but Allan got $1,500 for it, and it only took about two hours to sell. He says he's also gotten dozens of messages from people who didn't want to buy it, they just wanted to give him props for his creative parenting skills.

He says his son's still pretty angry, but it's been an "eye-opening experience." Allan made him a deal that if he gets a job and saves up $1,000, he'll match it and help him buy a new car.

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