Here's something to shame you the next time you think about skipping your kid's recital because you're too busy.

A middle school in Fairfax, Virginia did "The Lion King" this year. Eighth grader Trey Kee played Simba's dad, Mufasa. Which he was pretty psyched about, because it was his first play.

He knew his dad Robert wasn't going to make the premiere last Thursday, because he works for the State Department in Afghanistan. But after the performance, the director asked Trey if he'd talk to the crowd about how family is a big theme in the play. That's when he looked into the crowd, and saw his dad standing in the back row.

It turned out Robert pulled some strings, and flew in for the weekend just to see the play. Trey ran up the aisle to give him a hug as soon as he saw him. His mom and sister had no idea, so they were both surprised too.

Apparently Robert is already back in Afghanistan now, but he should be home for longer this summer.