This is the 64th birthday of one Jimmie Lawrence Vaughan, older brother by 3 1/2 years to the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan, and a pretty cool guy in his own right.

Remember when we brought the Fab T-Birds in for a concert at the Adler Theatre for our first "Big Toys for Big Boys" event back in 1990 ??   We got to know the guys a little bit, had dinner with them and took them to... ready for this... Stickman's !!

Jimmy not only gracefully handled massive numbers of questions about his brother, but he also got up on stage and played with the local band there.  I also witnessed a hilarious argument between Jimmie and a 97X sales guy about who was better... Elvis or Jerry Lee Lewis.  His last gesture was buying a case of Heineken and then sneaking away in their limo.

I'm telling this story just to paint the picture.  The picture is that Jimmie Vaughan made his way first, then took a back seat for years but handled it as well as anybody could have.  He survived the heart-wrenching loss of Stevie, survived his own heart attack a couple years ago, and today he's still playing and recording the blues.  He was way cool back then, and all these years years later he's still way cool.  To all Jimmie Vaughan and Fab T-Birds fans, today I salute you!