87-year-old Claire Olsen lives in Palm Coast, Florida, which got hit pretty hard by Hurricane Matthew. Two days after it tore through there, her family still couldn't get in touch with her.


Apparently her phone was still out, and the cops were too overwhelmed to go make sure she was okay. Her grandson Eric came up with a pretty brilliant solution.

He lives in Nebraska, but decided to order her a pizza from her local Papa John's. He did it online, and in the notes, he told them to call his cell phone when they got there.

The delivery driver, Lance Tyler, says he figured they probably had dogs or something, and that's why they wanted him to call before he knocked. But Eric picked up, got with Lance, and asked if his grandmother was okay.

Lance knocked, and it turned out she was fine. Claire was just confused because she hadn't ordered a pizza.

Lance says the expression on her face when she found out her grandson was on the phone was better than any tip he's ever gotten. And she says the pepperoni pizza Eric got her was great.

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