For years I thought that bandwagon-jumping fans, and those that only supported their team when that team was winning had it all wrong. But being a Bears fan for my whole life I was misguided--lured by the tantalizing hope that when there finally was a championship, the victory would be somehow sweeter by having endured all the losing seasons. That's just not true. The truth is it's just another where you get to say your favorite team is #1. Then it's the off-season, and the following season where you aren't number anything.

So this year I've been only watching "my" Bears until they are down by 2 scores, and then I leave the game until I check in later in the 3rd quarter. If they are still losing, I continue my other project. If somehow they have overcome the deficit, I sit down and finish it out. So far my stress level has diminished greatly this season.

And if they somehow go on a tear, and get to the Superbowl, then I can hop back on full-time. No commitment, ho hassles. I should have been doing this years ago.

I also just gave away my Notre Dame Tickets for next Saturday. Took me a lot of hurdle-jumping to get them at the beginning of the season (when everything look promising), but now it's a full-day downer to go see them after they couldn't even beat Northwestern...

I can hardly way until Cubs fans realize this when they win it in the next couple of seasons (probably next year). I imagine there will be so many bandwagon-jumpers that long-time Cubs fans will probably spend their time more upset at the new fan base that they won't be able to really enjoy their on day of being #1. Suicide watch at Wrigley Field starts now.

The Man who taught me team loyalty...Dad.