As the main grocery shopper in my family I constantly keep an eye on product prices and when something changes it usually catches my eye, but this time I was caught off guard.

Have you also noticed this "fleecing" trend by companies?   They provide a little less product for the same price.  I can only assume they know shoppers hate price increases... so... they find clever ways to repackage so we get less.  Getting less at the same price is nothing new, companies have been doing it for years.  So why are we not as outraged in comparison to a price hike?

Looking back at my youth, I remember shopping with my mother.  She showed me how to find the best deals in the grocery store.  She taught me to look high and low in every isle as those products may cost less than those at eye level.  And thanks to "Momsies" I know how to pick the freshest produce, I take my time and search for the best loaf of bread, and most importantly, I know how to pick the perfect package of bacon!

Choosing the perfect grocery store bacon is an art.  Even if you find a good looking pack, you have to flip it over and ensure it's the meatiest.

So how does the "fleecing" conversation tie into a pound of bacon?  You can't shave weight off of a pound right?  You would think a pound is a lb. no matter how you spell it.
Well I recently was shocked after thinking I had the best bacon.

So here is a recent bacon purchase, and the front looks good.

(Goose, TSM)

The backside looks decent too!

(Goose, TSM)

But after peeling a few slices.... WHAT IS THIS???????

(Goose, TSM)

Yes, it appears that each slice is mostly fat!  Now go back up and look at the first picture.  Do you notice how they show you an offset slice in the middle of the pack?  Well since that one is meaty this HAS to be the prefect package of bacon.   Oh Momsies, I wasn't ready for that curve ball!


If you would like to see more of these "fleecing" examples, a website called The Consumerists identified various products that give you less.  They refer to this practice as the "Grocery Shrink Ray."

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