90-year-old Norma from northern Michigan was diagnosed with uterine cancer six months ago, just two days after the death of her husband for 67 years, Leo. She wasn't about to let any of that stop her from living life.

When the doctors began to offer the family different treatment options, Norma looked at them and said, "I'm 90 years old, I'm hitting the road." And she did just that. She joined her son Tim and his wife Ramie who happen to be full-time RVers.

In the last six months they have been to Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, the Rocky Mountains, Sanibel Island, New Orleans, the Grand Canyon, Disneyworld, and the Kennedy Space Center.

Ramie told ABC, "She's getting healthier, I think, from eating well and being outside a lot. She's breathing fresh air and getting to see new things all the time."

For many years Norma and Leo would listen to Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story" at lunch time in their humble home in...

Posted by Driving Miss Norma on Monday, September 21, 2015

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