It's kind of amazing this doesn't happen at retirement homes on a daily basis.


81-year-old Herbert Hayden lives in a mobile home in St. Petersburg, Florida. On Wednesday afternoon, he was at the nearby Pinellas Park Senior Center for their shuffleboard league.

They have 16 shuffleboard courts there, and things gets pretty intense. At the end of the day, an argument broke out between Herbert and a guy named James Sutton. Things escalated and they started fighting, Herbert ended up punching James in the face.

Then he beat on him with his shuffleboard cue. James ended up with a couple four-inch scratches on his cheek, and both their shuffleboard cues were damaged. I guess it became a geriatric light saber battle. Awesome.

Herbert was arrested for misdemeanor battery, thrown in the county jail, and held there on a $250 bond. Again, 81 years old. A judge issued an order barring him from having any contact with James.

Pinellas County Jail

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