Cops in southern California are looking for a dirtbag who broke into someone's house early Sunday morning near San Diego and tried to kidnap their eight-year-old daughter. Luckily she's a pretty scrappy kid.

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The guy got in through an unlocked window on the ground floor around four in the morning, while everyone was sleeping. Then he walked upstairs to her bedroom, grabbed her out of bed, and started to leave.

But while he was carrying her down the stairs, she decided to fight back. She used a Kung Fu move she recently learned called a "cheetah paw", where you punch the person with a half-closed fist.

She hit him hard enough that he dropped her and took off running. He was already gone by the time she woke her parents up and the cops are still looking for him. But she was able to give a pretty detailed description that even included the fact that he smelled bad.

Hopefully they catch him soon. Her parents were so freaked out by it, they immediately installed a home security system to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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