A couple years ago, 97X hosted 97Xposure, where acoustic performers got the chance to open up for Ted Nugent, REO & Styx! Doug Brundies was the winner of that contest and knocked it out of the park.  How damn overwhelming would that have been?!?! Since then, he's been doing so consonantly at local establishments around the QC, so go see him when you get a chance!

I too, have been getting into the solo acoustic game and just this past Wednesday I bought an acoustic/electric guitar from Doug at Music Go Round.  He told me about a new band he was putting together with some incredible musicians and I told him I was booking some acoustic shows for myself.  Jokingly, he cringed and hoped I wouldn't be stealing any gigs from him.

The following day Doug was booked to play at Harrington's Pub in Bettendorf.  Doug was under the weather that day and they called me to...literally steal his gig right out from underneath him!

Was it coincidence? Was it me willing Doug to feel ill?  Did I create patient zero in a virus epidemic that will only infect solo acoustic performers?  The world may never know.

In the meantime, I had an absolute blast last Thursday and will be back next month...or sooner, depending on when Doug Brundies is booked.