When you're drunk, you seem to notice little things, like how the Sandwich Artist at Subway is laying the tomatoes down, too bunched up, and not even putting enough pickles. Extra pickles means a LOT of pickles, not just an extra singular pickle. C'mon man.

44-year-old Don Peters went into an Akron, Ohio Subway on Saturday afternoon. He stumbled in drunk, and demanded they make him a sandwich.

Apparently, he wasn't too happy with the quality of service, so he forced his way behind the counter to make his own.

When police arrived, they found a bottle of vodka on Don, but also found a block of Subway cheese in his pocket that he must have nabbed while he was back there.

Hopefully he got to finish that sandwich.

Don was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, criminal damaging, and having an open container.

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