37-year-old Donald Jordan and 49-year-old Lisa Sirbella of Kissimmee, Florida went to a casino in Tampa and got hammered. They were so drunk that as they wandered away, they decided to hop into a gas station dumpster.

At 5am a garbage truck came, scooped up the dumpster, and Donald and Lisa ended up in the back of the truck.

That clearly sobered them up, because they started banging on the sides of the truck and screaming. The driver heard them just before the trash was compacted, which would've killed them. He called the cops, and they were rescued.

They were both hospitalized with back injuries, but won't be facing any charges.

(Osceola County Sheriff's Office)

According to court records in Osceola County, Sirabella and Jordan have frequently been arrested over the past several years. Sirabella’s rap sheet includes busts for loitering, theft, battery, resisting arrest, and drunk driving. Jordan has been busted for cocaine possession, loitering, trespass, panhandling, drinking in public, battery, and disorderly conduct.