Go to the cabinet where you keep the cereal. How many OPEN boxes are in that cabinet? At my house, the number is 8 (or as we call it, ALL of them).  Look closely and you'll spot a couple doubles, too (2 Lucky Charms and 2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch).  Actually, there's a third one--Cap'n Crunch.  I spotted it out on the counter because it wouldn't fit in the cabinet.  so now we're up to 9:

Bill Michaels, TownSquare

This is anarchy!! It can't be because the kids are on a mission to get the toys out of the box.  There aren't any toys in almost all of these.  I seem to remember there was a rule in my house: Each kid had one box that was considered his or hers.   You couldn't open a new box until the previous one was finished.
So take a look around and count 'em up.  Is this happening at your house too?