It's been decades since "MacGyver" was on TV, but I'm glad to see people like this keeping its spirit alive in the best way possible.

Patricia Quinlan / Paramount Television

Dr. Patricia Quinlan of Center Valley, Pennsylvania was on a United flight from Philadelphia to San Francisco on Thanksgiving, when a 59-year-old man sitting in front of her fell out of his seat. When he didn't get up, she realized something was wrong.

She used the plane's defibrillator to figure out his heart didn't have a blockage, but found his pulse was off, his blood pressure was dangerously low, and he was seriously dehydrated. So she had to use what was available to save his life.

She used her hair tie as a tourniquet on his arm, used some little airplane bottles of whiskey to disinfect a needle, hooked him up to the plane's IV bag, and had passengers shine the flashlights from their phones to give her enough light to work.

The guy finally came to after about 20 minutes, and he was able to walk off the plane when it landed in San Francisco.

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