The $100.00 tip. A tale of 2 deeds, one good, one not-so-good.

To do a good deed is a wonderful thing. We all do them, and we all benefit from doing them, even if it's only that it made us feel good. Sometimes karma steps in and you get 'rewarded' for something you've done. But I think it should stop there. If you invest in the attention coming back to yourself, then it spoils the deed. My opinion.

A couple out to dinner sees a waiter struggling with a short-staff, and crowded restaurant. The couple understands, so they leave him a $100.00 tip. Very cool gesture when most people would grumble about the hurried service.

The not-so-good comes after. In an effort to "help" people see that they too, could and should "pay it forward" she puts a photo of the receipt on Facebook, complete with the tip amount, and her name. Intended or not, it cries out for attention to her and her husband for the good deed they just diluted.

On top of that, she then tells CNN the name of the restaurant they had previously not named, so now CNN can go and basically shame the waiter into giving the couple a public thank-you for this supposedly selfless "pay it forward" moment. Not-so-good.

I don't know the couple personally. They probably underestimated the scrutiny (including mine) that takes place when you post on FB. They probably meant to just do a nice thing. They may have inspired others to do the same. They got addicted to the good feeling, and posting the picture was a fix only to feed that addiction.

A tale of two deeds.

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