During the Dwyer and Michaels Show today we were talking about the vast beer selection that will be featured at QC On Tap. As we were discussing our personal tastes and beer preferences I may have shoved my foot right into my mouth!

Dwyer mentioned how his pallet favors darker beers and he typically stays away from fruit infused beers. I could identify with this statement so not only did I agreed with him, I expanded by saying "I think fruity beers are more targeted towards female drinkers."

What I thought was an innocent comment turned into a firestorm!

"Such sexism. Wow"


"HEY GOOSE, I like fruit in my beer does that make me a lady cuz this lady will come down there and show you what a fruit can do."


"I'm a girl and I DO NOT like fruity beers. And I don't really care for guys who do either. Nothing like being on a date and ordering a nice stout and then your date orders a cider. WTF??? Man card revoked. I'll be at QC on Tap."


"First of all I need to specify I’m a guy, I know the name is deceiving, but that Petosi Tangerine IPA is actually pretty good. I’m not a fruit drinker either but that is actually really good."


"Sounds like a bunch of whiny b****** who are to scared to try anything different. Drink what you like."


Well that was a bag of worms I didn't intend to open, oops!  Whether it's an Ale, Amber, IPA, Shandy, or Stout, you'll be sure to find a wide selection of beers at QC on Tap.