Detroit Tigers' outfielder, Tyler Collins, lost track of a fly ball in the stadium lights, causing him to miss the catch, leading to a misplay.

After the botched play, fans began booing the outfielders. Collins responded in kind by flipping them the bird.

After the game, Collins apologized profusely for his behavior:

"To hear boos after that play hit a trigger inside of me and I lashed out, completely inappropriately," Collins said. "I'm absolutely embarrassed, and I'm very sorry to everyone in Detroit."


"I just wanted you guys to understand that I love this team and I want to win, so when we come home and get booed, it's tough to swallow, but like I said, I apologize completely," Collins said. "I'm embarrassed [for] myself, I know my family is embarrassed of me, and I'm sure these guys are, too, so I'm sorry it happened."