22-year-old Morgan Behen in Detroit has been fighting an inoperable brain tumor for several years. Among other things, she never got to go to her prom.

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She finally went to one on Saturday that was set up by a charity. Check this out, Morgan is a huge Detroit Red Wings fan, and wrote a letter to a 24-year-old forward Riley Sheahan to see if he'd go with her.

Sheahan got in touch with her family last week and she didn't know about it. Then he surprised her on Saturday by showing up to be her date. He didn't just stick around for a photo-op. Sheahan stayed all three hours, had dinner with her, and danced with her the whole night.

Here's the best part. It turned out he was legitimately excited about it, because he also never got to go to his prom. Sheahan told the local news it was actually more nerve-racking than playing in the playoffs. The whole thing went great, and Morgan said it was one of the best nights she's ever had.

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