It's been confirmed by a Des Moines school district spokesman that the Roosevelt High freshmen synchronized swimming club hired a male stripper for their annual banquet.

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The girls will face no punishment however because they broke no school rules. An adult sister of one of the club's members ordered the dancer at the Des Moines Social Club. Roosevelt Principal Kevin Biggs says that no club funds were spent on hiring the stripper.

"They were doing it as a joke and a prank. They didn’t realize, as many 14- and 15-year-old girls and boys don’t, the ramifications of their decision," Biggs said. "They thought it would be funny, and it wasn’t until things got going that everyone realized it wasn’t good."

The stripper performed for at least 15 minutes before an employee of the Social Club was able to stop him. No school staff was present during the incident, including the adviser to the club.

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