Back around this time in 1990 and 1991 there were a lot of weird things going on, but the first of them was the sad death of Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone, on this date in 1990, after 3 days in a brain-dead coma due to an overdose.  Mother Love Bone was on the verge of hitting it big, but Andrew died before their first real album was released.

His death, led surviving MLB members to form, well, 2 other bands -- Temple of The Dog, and Pearl Jam.  Temple of the Dog went in first and recorded their album, then Pearl Jam recorded "10" and it was instantly successful upon it's release in 1991.  To make things confusing, the Temple of The Dog album was released but not "promoted" well and it didn't make any noise until 1992, AFTER Pearl Jam became popular, because people outside of Washington State starting learning that it was members of Pearl Jam on that project too.   Confused Yet?

The real story here is that the death of Andrew Wood became the birth of Pearl Jam, and the rest is history.  So for all our Seattle/Grunge-rock fans today, I salute you, and I will tip my hat to you today on the 5:00 Punch-Out with a tribute.