Throughout his career of more than 50 years, David Bowie's sense of style and image were inextricably linked with his music. To commemorate his life, we've put together the list below containing one picture from every year of his life between 1965 and 2016.

From his early days as a mod and a folksinger, through Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke and beyond, Bowie's fashion sense helped him inhabit whatever the persona he was portraying at that time. In some cases he didn't need more than a turtleneck, or a sharp, but traditional jacket. Other times he needed to be flashier, with brightly colored suits, parachute pants and several variations on the mullet leading the way. In his later years, when he stopped performing, he was frequently spotted out on the town with Iman, his supermodel wife of 23 years, immaculately dressed in formal attire.

The shots range from album covers to concert footage to press photos to video stills. And while some of his outfits and hairstyles haven't necessarily aged well (1986, we're looking at you!), there's no denying that, at the very moment he sported it, he was the essence of cool.

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