32-year-old Jacob Mercer of Tonawanda, New York tried to rob a convenience store in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday dressed as Darth Vader.

We're talking helmet and full body costume, the whole deal. Then he pulled out a gun, and demanded some cash.

Jacksonville Police Department

The clerk wasn't intimidated by the costume OR the gun. He grabbed a jar of bleu cheese dressing and threw it at Jacob, hitting him in the face. Yep, right in the Darth Vader mask.

It actually cut his face underneath the mask, and scared him pretty good, so he took off. The cops tracked his car down, and arrested him for armed robbery.

Jacksonville Police Department

In other words, this guy totally pictured himself as Vader but was more like an incompetent Stormtrooper who can't aim, and gets beaten by anyone with a modicum of fighting skill.

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