Doctors across the nation are seeing a new trend that they are calling a "fatal attraction." Kids everywhere are swallowing magnets.

10-year-old Brady Westphal was admitted to a hospital after swallowing eight magnets, "When I swallowed more than one magnet, it would do this inside my stomach, feel it inside."

The magnets were attracted to each other after being swallowed, they tore through his stomach and intestines.

"These magnets, especially if swallowed at different times, the magnets don't move all the way through the intestinal tact," said Dr. John Grunow. "And, then, they pinch together one to another, and the tissue in between gets pinched, and the blood supply gets lost. The tissue ultimately dies."

Children that are being taken to hospitals are being misdiagnosed with stomach flu due to the warning signs and symptoms being so similar.

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