I set my alarm to get up and hear what Dwyer and Michaels might be saying about me this morning, and they're talking about how many more rabbits there are in the area this year.  OK, I agree. This year, I have had to replace my fence in the back partly because these "cute bunnies" have chewed away the wood at the bottom in 3 different spots in the fence, so they can get in and out of the yard easier...yeah, precious!  It seems like every time I mow, I twist an ankle in a rabbit hole... yeah, adorable!   And often when I'm getting the paper, or when my wife is walking around the house watering flowers, a rabbit comes exploding out of the bushes and scares the crap out of her ... yup, soooo cute!   So I wanted to add this picture today for anyone else who sees it and immediately thinks ...."target" !!   OK, B & G are not talking about me this morning, so I'm going back to bed ..