Guns N' Roses had a show in Toronto on Saturday, but they almost didn't make it across the border because they had, well, guns.

Axl Rose told the story at the concert. He said, "We weren't exactly arrested, we were detained. They were very nice, they were very understanding. You know, it happens, you can forget you had [an effing] gun."

He said that sarcastically and also insisted that it wasn't his. There's no word whose it was, but a rep said it didn't belong to anyone in the band.


For the record, this wasn't Axl making excuses for being late again. They were detained on Friday, the day before the show, and the concert did begin on-time like pretty much all of their shows on the current tour.

This isn't the first time Guns has had trouble getting into Canada. In a 1988 interview with "Spin", Axl said, "This year, I was only arrested once at the Canadian border, for my stun gun. I didn't know they're illegal there."