Remember Crystal Pepsi? It came out in 1992, tasted like regular Pepsi, was caffeine free and didn't have food coloring. They stopped selling it about a year later, because no one was buying it.

Some people are still really passionate about it. If you're one of them, get excited, it might be coming back.

Kevin Strahle, who goes by the name L.A. Beast on YouTube, posted a video two years ago of himself chugging a 20-year-old bottle of Crystal Pepsi.

WARNING: NSFW Language and puking:

He started a campaign in April to bring Crystal Pepsi back. His 1.2 million followers got on board by calling the Pepsi hotline and flooding their Instagram page with comments. He's even raising money to put up billboards about it next to a huge Pepsi bottling plant in New York.

It looks like it might actually work. He got a letter from Pepsi thanking him for being so enthusiastic: