Dwyer and Michaels and Video Games Ect. have placed a PlayStation 4 in a vault... and the Dorks are giving it away today!  They're given out all 4 of the numbers in the code, and here they are!

The dorks have revealed that the code will include the numbers 4, 9, 2, and 8!

Join us at Video Games Etc. (Village Shopping Center, Davenport) today, Friday, Feb 6th at 4pm, to see if you will win a PlayStation 4! As a bonus, the first 100 people there will get a $5 VGE gift certificate!

Video Games Etc. is your new, and used video game headquarters with 2 locations in the Quad Cities. You can find them on Avenue of the Cities in Moline or in the Village Shopping Center in Davenport.

Winning couldn't be easier: 1)Listen to The Dorks 2) Crack The Code 3) Win a PlayStation 4!

From Dwyer and Michaels, Video Game Etc., and Classic Rock 97X.






(Legal Disclaimer)
-We will reveal 1 number of the 4 digit code between 6a-10a Mon 2/2 and Friday 2/6
-Dwyer & Michaels Live broadcast at VGE Fri 2/6 4p-6p (Village Shopping Center, Davenport)
-Listeners sign up to be the first to Crack The Code
-Drawn name attempts to the code (if not successful we draw again)