Janet Masters and her husband are from Auburn, California, and went to Hawaii for their wedding anniversary. On the return flight, they found the barf bag in one of their seat-back pockets was already full.

Someone had thrown up in it, and covered it in a blanket. Which is nasty for a couple reasons. The person who barfed left it there, and the cleaning crew left it there. And it gets worse.

When Janet handed the bag to the flight attendant, it spilled on both her and her husband. The attendant offered them new seats. But the vomit smell was already on their clothes... for the rest of the flight.

You know that smell. And remember, this is somebody else's vomit. Janet says, "Smelling that smell on us and around us was just totally, totally disgusting."

After the flight they tried complaining to United, but didn't get anywhere until they got with the local news, who did a story. That got them a $300 flight voucher. They say they've lost their faith and trust in United.