Dolores and Matthew Lawrence of Bloomington, Indiana went on a trip to the U.K. in 2011. As they traveled around Birmingham, England, they popped into a British pub called The Plough and they loved it.


For the past four years, they've flown 8,700 miles roundtrip to England every six weeks, just to have a drink at The Plough. So far it's cost them over $75,000.

Why do they love it so much? Dolores says, "It's everything that we imagined an English pub should be, people here are so friendly. You would never go into a bar and start talking to people [in the U.S.]"

They like it so much that now they're trying to move to Birmingham. Matthew works as an insurance adjustor for Liberty Mutual, and thinks he'll be able to transfer soon. Dolores is a nurse and she's pretty sure she can find a job over there too.

Their 18-year-old son Achilles also just decided to go to Coventry University in England.

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