The fun part of this story is it involves a huge donation that could be worthless in six months. Halle Tecco and Jeff Hammerbacher run an angel investment fund called Techammer, and they're huge eggheads.

They both went to Harvard. Halle used to work for Apple and Intel, Jeff used to work at Facebook. They're all about investing in new technology.

Back in 2013, they got interested in Bitcoin, and decided to invest. It's not clear how much money they put in, but they have hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin now.

Instead of cashing it in, they just announced they're donating it all to a cancer center at the University of South Carolina. The hospital hasn't announced what they plan to do with it. They could cash it in now, or wait for it to be worth even more.

Halle told CNBC that they decided to go public with their donation because they want it to inspire other people who got lucky with Bitcoin to do the same thing.

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