Melanie May says that she and her son, Bradley Allen, were beaten by a couple after arguing about a dog that was left in a hot car.

May told News4Jax that she and Allen discovered a dog that was "foaming at the mouth" in a hot car while they were at a shopping center. "Obviously you could tell the dog was extremely exhausted," Allen said.

They were trying to find the owner of the dog when another man opened the car door and gave it some water. That's when 25-year-old Jalamb Tinney and 27-year-old Kendra Smith, the owner, began arguing with the mother and son.

Witness statements claim that Smith punched May in the face, and Tinney punched Allen in the face. Allen said he was injured and his mother lost a tooth.

"We were just trying to help, that led us to many things. I have staples in the back of my head, obviously my lip's messed up. The gentleman knocked out my mother's tooth after I was down. I just don't see how someone can be like that from trying to help their animal," Allen told News4Jax.

Smith and Tinney were arrested for battery after the altercation.

Orange Park Police Department

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