It can't be easy to convince the cops you weren't breaking the law if they catch you red handed. But, you've gotta come up with a better story than this.

Around 3am Tuesday, police in Daytona Beach, Florida spotted 30-year-old Joshue Holoman on the roof of a Sunoco gas station, trying to break in through an air vent and he was covered in tar from the roof.

When they asked what he was doing up there, he claimed he'd just climbed up to visit with some family members, which made no sense. Maybe he meant he was in town visiting family?

Anyway, he immediately changed his story, and said he was actually a repairman, who was walking by and heard the store's air conditioner making a weird noise. So out of the goodness of his heart, he climbed up to fix it... at three in the morning.

When they didn't believe that excuse either, he changed his story one more time, and said he actually climbed on the roof to get some sleep. And he rubbed tar all over himself so no one could see him from the street.

In the end, they found a makeshift crowbar he was using to pry open the vent, and arrested him on two counts of attempted burglary. And in his mugshot, his face is still covered in tar.

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(Daytona Beach Police Department)