On Monday, a cop in Poughkeepsie, New York pulled a guy over for speeding and found out the guy's two-year-old son had stopped breathing and didn't have a pulse. So he drove them to the hospital, steering with one hand, and doing CPR with the other.

Patrick Hildenbrand, a cop in Poughkeepsie, New York named pulled over a 20-year-old Matthew Morgan for speeding.

It turned out Matthew's two-year-old son, Matthew Jr., had just had a seizure, wasn't breathing, didn't have a pulse, and they were racing to the hospital. So Patrick told Matthew to jump in the back of his police car, and they took off together.

Then he called ahead to let doctors know what was up and told Matthew how to do CPR on a child. But Matthew was too freaked out to follow his directions.

So Patrick held the steering wheel with his left hand, reached into the backseat with his right hand, and he started doing chest compressions. All while they were speeding to the hospital.

It saved the boy's life. When they got to the hospital he started breathing again and it looks like he'll be okay.