Dwyer mentioned this morning that while at his Bowling League last night he watched the most recent episode of The Bachelor. Suddenly we were flooded with emails from avid Bachelor fans. Listener Jeff tipped us off to the fact that one of the contestants has nudies on the internet.


Now, we can't post those photos on our site. But we have a Safe For Work gallery that we can direct you to, while we could just link the original gallery here, that would lead you to one of those sites that separates out the gallery into individual slides... Ain't nobody got time for that.

Luckily, we have a great resource for just such an occasion.

It's called the Slidershow-Deslidefier. All you have to do is travel over to deslide.clusterfake.net with the URL of whatever slideshow you want to deslidefy. Choose your display, paste in the URL and the Deslidefier does all the work for you. After everything deslides, you're left with a single page with all the images and information in one table.

Check out the gallery of ex-Bachelor Contestant, Jade Roper.