Emma Wiley is a 19-year-old college student at Salem State University in Massachusetts and was at a bar this weekend. She wound up getting into a fight with another girl there and they brawled outside in front of at least 100 people.

When the cops came to break it up, Emma was going crazy. As they dragged her off the other girl, she was screaming, "I'll [effing] kill you all! Don't [effing] touch me."

For her grand finale when Emma was being put into the squad car, she bit off the top of 27-year-old Officer Jessica Ronidinelli's ear. Oh, and this is Jessica's first month on the job.

She went to the hospital, but the doctors say they couldn't reattach the piece of her ear, “due to the risk of infection, the nature in which her ear had been disfigured it was unlikely that attaching bitten off piece was possible and her ear was going to be permanently marred.”

Emma was charged with aggravated assault, assault and battery on a police officer, and making death threats.

Here's a picture of Emma:


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