If you've ever dropped a hot cup of coffee in your lap, consider yourself lucky. Apparently drinking it might have been even more hazardous to your health.


The World Health Organization announced yesterday that they're taking coffee off the list of possible carcinogens, meaning coffee itself probably doesn't cause cancer. But it still might if it's really hot.

According to the report, hot drinks that scald your throat can cause cancer of the esophagus and promote the growth of tumors. It's true with any type of drink, including tea, or even just hot water.

They say anything under 150 degrees is probably fine though. That's around the temperature coffee normally is right when you get it. So you might just want to let it cool down for a minute before you start chugging.

Sometimes places like McDonald's do serve it hotter than that though. If it feels like you're mildly burning your throat, you should definitely let it cool down first.

The report also says that smoking and drinking alcohol are still way riskier. So if those are your three vices, worry about the booze and cigarettes first.

Speaking of coffee, another recent study found that if you grind your own beans, you should try storing them in the freezer, because apparently it enhances the flavor.

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